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Vanessa Gounden

Vanessa Gounden

  • Category : Womenswear

The Vanessa Gounden label sits between couture and pret-a-porter because all garments are limited edition, individually hand-made in our Atelier (situated in Cape Town.) With regards to sustainability, one of the brand ethics is 'women empowerment' and the designer Vanessa Gounden is an avid nature lover, as can be observed in her collections, inspired by art and the beauty of planet earth. Vanessa is also very involved in philanthropic activities, believing and investing in skills development for those who need it most. The label is also intended to be a platform for unsung artists to express themselves with particular reference to the individually hand-painted buttons on all the garments, painted by a local artist she has invested in. Her collections are also intended to promote a sense of talkability, focused on a topical subject. For example, one of Vanessa's collections was centered around photographs of a rubbish tip which was digitally manipulated and turned into vivid prints, drawing attention to the wastefulness of humans but also how it can be made beautiful, through the eye of the beholder.

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