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Our Vision
To create an international platform that promotes luxury with an ethos.
Our Mission
To become the destination for showcasing and promotion of sustainable luxury.

Our company

Devotion to luxurious eco-sustainable fashion is the raison d'être of Ecoluxe London. Pioneers in our industry, a claim that only select few can genuinely make, we have unwaveringly upheld our values since our inception. The epicentre of our philosophy: luxurious fashion from sustainable sources which have been ethically acquired. Ecoluxe London is the only exhibition in the UK that showcases and promotes eco luxury as a lifestyle.

Our History
The first Ecoluxe London exhibition took place in September 2010 with 13 labels showing a wide range of products ranging from garments, footwear and accessories to hats, swimwear corsets and skincare. The showroom was launched by Miriam González Durántez, wife of UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and it was very well received by the national and international media. The second Ecoluxe London took place in February 2011 with 26 labels showing garments, accessories, hats, bridal wear and jewellery. The event was launched by the UK Minister of Culture and the Creative Arts, Ed Vaizey. The third Ecoluxe London exhibition took place in September 2011 and was the largest ever: 40 designers and 12 UK based manufacturers took part. This was the largest ecoluxury exhibition showcasing SS'12 in the UK. Now in our fourth edition we aim to make the February 2012 exhibition the largest ever, as a number of non UK based labels have expressed interest to participate.

Who We Are
• We are a not-for-profit organisation
• We promote and support ecological and sustainable luxury fashion
• We partner with charities, organisations, social enterprises, other non-profit entities, corporations and the media
• Biannually during London Fashion Week we showcase the work of fashion brands based in or expanding to the UK as well as UK based manufacturers

What We Do
Working strictly with eco-conscious brands and designers who utilise ecologically sustainable practices, thus conforming to the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability, we help with all aspects of the business and promotional chain using a three-pronged approach:
• business innovation, product development, training and consultancy
• promotion of eco-efficiency through support with production, lean manufacturing processes and waste management/recycling
• business and market development through conventional and online branding, marketing, PR, promotion and sales

How We Do It
Through full-spectrum business support for brands and designers of textiles, garments, footwear, handbags, hats, accessories and jewellery: know-how and technology, pattern cutting, quality control, production, fulfilment/delivery of orders, connecting brands with manufacturers, suppliers and stockists.
Through commercial utilisation of marketing mix strategies and tactics, as appropriate by each brand's uniqueness, to efficiently and profitably promote, grow, establish and sustain these brands.

Although this list is not exhaustive, some of our close partners include: British Wool Marketing Board, Cultural Business Investment, Centre for Sustainable Fashion, Coco Eco Magazine, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Fashionworks, JP Selects, Olswang LLP, Pink Umbrella Marketing, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and Working Chance.

Stamo, Co-founder, Business and Finance Director
• 25 years experience in the fashion industry in all aspects of design, production and manufacturing
• London College of Fashion graduate
• Labels: By Stamo

Elena Garcia, Co-founder, Communications Director
• Surface textiles specialist based in London since 1992
• London College of Fashion graduate
• Labels: Elena Garcia Eco-Couture, Sew Last Season


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